There is a new link being developed between boutique companies, exotic ingredients, and grain free diets with the development of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Not all pet food manufacturers have the same level of nutritional expertise and quality control. Variability could introduce potential issues with some products. This is why Green Valley Veterinary Care recommends trusted pet food brands that use years of research to develop a balanced diet with the goal of your animal living a long and healthy life.

DCM is a serious disease where the heart to become large and weak. The heart becomes an inefficient pump and can not circulate blood around the body. The end result is fluid build up in the lungs and an animal that can not breath. Early signs may just be you pet being “tired” or a little “off.” Make an appointment at Green Valley Veterinary Care for a physical exam. We can assess heart function in your pet and make recommendations for a diet we know is safe for your loved pet.

Please follow the link below for the FDA’s list of pet food brands that have been associated with developing DCM to make sure you are not feeding them to your loved pets. We recommend brands that use research to develop their diets like Purina, Hill Science Diet, and Royal Canin.